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Spiritual Coaching

 If you are confused in which direction you want to go, or something doesn’t work the way you intended it to work, if you just don’t know how to cope with a problem, if you are feeling down or feeling depressed, sad or angry, why would you go to a spiritual coach? 

What is spiritual? 

Spirit is like muse. When it’s not there, we feel down and our creativity slips away.  Spirit is the tangible body, energy body. It is the traveler and it constitute the DNA and RNA coding in our physical body. It is life technology, organic and holographic.  

Working from a spiritual point of view, means integrative work. It is looking at your behavior through your physical, emotional and mental body combining all of them into one map and working from here to create change. 

Whatever challenge you have in your life, it can come into the best light and resolve with a dive into the source of why it is here. 

Yet, sometimes support and understanding is all you need. 

Sometimes, a clear point of view, something you didn’t consider because you are inside the situation can create change.  

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Problem solved


 Get the support you need to resolve stuck-ness

Build confidence

Reduce your stress 

Find happiness

Move forward 

Remove fear out of your way

Energize your life

Create lasting change

And  Know who you are

How I work


 Focused on you, I listen. 

I am an empathic person who can feel what you feel with the ability to translate situations into solutions.  

The ability to tap into that place in you to unlock what needs  to be free is what I do. 

Meeting you wherever you are  in that process in your life. Navigating your awareness, your thoughts  and emotions and helping you break cycles and build new ones. 

I  can be your eyes for just a moment, so you can see brighter and  sharper, and sometimes, it’s all you need; just an outsider perspective to get the light bulb flashing on in order to find out what’s missing in your life right now. 

Nonetheless, the work is all yours. 

So be proud of yourself for your achievements.

Moving into unity


 This is specifically for the seekers on the road to Enlightenment.  

No matter how old you are, a newly awaken soul is usually going through a period of clearing. This period of change can be really hard and because of it, many people who are waking up to the greater universe moving back to what they knew before- call it the comfort zone. 

I offer a huge support and coaching. 

I have awakened into higher dimensions of reality in the 90’s going a long road and making my own full circle. I walk on stable strong ground. 

I have abundance of tools combined with technology of the soul that is spirit and consciousness combined for you to know and understand what you are going through, and stabilize yourself. 

I offer training and support all the way. Don’t be afraid to look inside because out you go strong and clear. 

It is an amazing journey of going inside, clearing the things that you feel stuck on and letting lighter energies and joy come in.  

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