Holographic Kinetics (HK)- Ancient Healing Coming to Life

What is Holograpic Kinetics?



Holographic Kinetics is a non-invasive process of clearing energies from our DNA working on our physical emotional and mental bodies and accessed through spirit.

The modality of HK is a clear cut of precise work brought from the Aboriginal healing. The healing is directed to the specific point of trauma that was imprinted in our DNA through our emotional and mental hurt and clearing it out.  

Through time and space



If there is an unresolved issue from anywhere in time, it’s there in our spirit vehicle. 

For example, if a thought was created in a traumatic situation (even in past lives, even 10,000 years ago) it will crystallize and create a blockage in the flow of life and the person will be born with this little crystal of blockage, a memory cell, that may create a pattern down the line in life- it means it will create a problem, somehow. It can even get out of proportion and create illness.  

What can HK help with?


 Holographic Kinetics done for: 

Clearing trauma and PTSD

Clearing the unexplained phenomena. 

Clearing spirits attachments

Clearing entities of all kinds that stuck into your field

Emotional stagnation 

Stuck imprints that came through genetics and through past lives

Example of phenomena


  Of past sessions healing 

A person tried to lose weight for years, but now her son grew up and he is struggling with the weight as well. So they are both did everything they could with diet to no avail. 

In HK session we found the trigger that came through genetics of the mother. A week after the mother’s session, both the mother and the child started losing weight by the day. Two months later they lost all extra 45 pounds. A year later, they have no problem keeping normal weight. 

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